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About ABS DYNAMICS (USA) & Hang Chiang Car Refit Company (TW)
Abs Dynamics (USA) and Hang Chiang Car Refit Company (TW) founded in 1991, one of the largest Aftermarket Automotive Restyling manufacturers in Taiwan, We specialized with ABS Plastic, Carbon Fiber, and Fiberglass materials. Our goal is achieve to build the most reliable product and deliver update technique for our customers. Our factory locates at the industrial district in Yilan Hsien Taiwan, with 10000 square meters, and our warehouse locate in La Puente, California.

Tooling and Molding

Generally, customer can provide their own sample with precise measurement, according to the final production material our experienced technician consider the stability, shrinkage and forming size to determinate the cost of tooling and molding. A complete tooling and molding can be finish within a 35-40 days period. Molding material normally is made by fiberglass or epoxy resist.

China facility

Abs Dynamics (USA) and Hang Chiang Car Refit Company (TW) had expanded its manufacture line in Dong guan Mainland China. This facility is supervised by a team of expert technician from Taiwan; all products are guaranteed to have the best quality and comparative pricing. Hang Chiang Car Refit Company (China division) mainly produces carbon fiber and fiberglass products, final production will then ship back to Taiwan for final quality check and packaging to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction. Our main materials and molding tools are originally imported from Taiwan.

Vacuum mold

ABS Plastic production are mainly make from a method call Vacuum Mold, Hang Chiang Car Refit Company (TW) allow professional molding company to pre-made the accurate Molding . First, this molding will be seat under the large plastic sheet preheated with 180 degree for around 60-90 second, and then the vacuum machine will inject large amount of air between the preheat plastic sheet and the molding, immediately machine will switch to its vacuum mode to absorb out the air. Now the plastic sheet will seat firmly on top of the molding, after cooling down the object our technician will trim off the unwanted edges that will be the final stage of the whole vacuum mold process.
Vacuum mold method can be use on mass production, a normal daily operation (base on 8 hour period) can complete 30 cycles, depend on the molding size each cycle can produce approximately 5-10 piece of semi-final products.

CNC Machine

Most ABS Plastic production companies still remain the unstable method (hand tools) to trim the parts out from the semi-production from the vacuum mold. Hand tools (sewing machine) always affect the fitment and stability of the final products compare to CNC machine. To deliver update technique for our customers we get the best 5 axis CNC machine to trim the semi-products came out from our vacuum machine.
Our 5 axis CNC machine made from a well-known Germany (Taiwan) CNC machine maker, expert technician input the desired object data and then everything will be computerized. Every piece of our final product is accurately cut when it done, a normal daily operation (base on 8 hours period) can trim up to 300 pieces.


We are seeking for business partner in the Northern America market, and we put in a distributing warehouse in La Puente, California.
If you have any idea and will like to make a line of product under your own design, we certainly can help you fulfill your goal. Contact our wholesale department and get your project started.
All wholesale request are welcome, please feel free to contact us @ 626-723-4656 or email to ws_absdynamics@yahoo.com